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Are You Looking for Scoliosis Treatment in Buffalo New York?

Thinking About Scoliosis Treatment in BuffaloAre you a parent who has been told that you should do nothing about your child’s scoliosis or an adult who has been told there is nothing that can be done about your scoliosis related pain?

Have you ever wondered:

“Isn’t there any effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment for scoliosis?”

The answer is yes!

Scoliosis Systems of Buffalo provides a comprehensive non-surgical scoliosis treatment in Buffalo New York. Our approach to scoliosis that combines scoliosis specific exercises with a unique dynamic tension scoliosis brace and when indicated, specific upper cervical adjustments for the treatment of scoliosis in our patients.

Schroth Method is a highly specific series of scoliosis exercises when properly applied are clinically proven to halt or reverse scoliosis curvatures. The core of these exercises were originally developed by a therapist Katarina Schroth for treatment of her own scoliosis in Germany in the 1930’s. Since then, they have been continually updated and remain as the premier method of scoliosis treatment in much of Eastern Europe today. These therapist guided scoliosis specific exercises help reduce distortions of the rib cage, stabilize the pelvis and de-rotating the lumbar curvatures in scoliosis.

Since this method is so specialized for the treatment of scoliosis special certification is needed teach it. Our Doctors are Schroth Method Certified Instructors and they incorporate Schroth as a part of an overall Comprehensive Corrective Movement Scoliosis Treatment Approach in conjunction with a Spine Cor flexible dynamic scoliosis brace.

Spine Cor is a dynamic tension brace for scoliosis which provides continual corrective movement forces to body that correct scoliosis curvatures while it is being worn and long term studies have shown that the neuromuscular re-education that takes place while in the brace continues to hold it’s improvement even after the brace has been removed.

This is contrasted with traditional static brace used for the treatment of scoliosis which act more like a body casts that immobilizes the body and often results in a side effect of muscle atrophy. Because the Spine Cor brace actually encourages corrective movements with its dynamic tension bands it has the opposite effect and is like being in physical therapy rehabilitation while it is being worn.

Additionally, the Spine Cor brace is far more comfortable and non-intrusive compared to the hard static scoliosis braces. It is a soft brace that encourages freedom of movement and it’s easily concealed under clothing the patient, making it far more likely to worn as prescribed. Since the compliance rate is much higher with Spine Cor than with other bulky, rigid braces that severely restrict movement, it’s long term results are better.

Over the years our doctors have treated thousands of patients with scoliosis (both children and adults) with the Spine Cor brace making them the most experienced Certified SpineCor Providers in the United States. Now you have that same level of expertise for scoliosis treatment in Buffalo New York Area.

Some Scoliosis Related Conditions Require Specific Scoliosis Adjustments

Because scoliosis is a multifaceted problem that requires multifaceted solutions we also evaluate other scoliosis related conditions, when indicated. Scoliosis research has recently demonstrated a correlation between upper cervical misalignment and scoliosis.

The top vertebra known as the Atlas (the name was derived from Greek Mythology – of the man holding the world on his shoulders) must provide proper support for the skull which weighs as much as a bowling ball. Because of its position its alignment is critical since it allows for a clear passage way for the spinal cord as it exits the skull. When the atlas misaligns it can have profound and adverse affects on the body, even contributing to scoliosis.

To evaluate this important articulation a precise X-ray analysis must be done that is used to calculate the exact position of the Atlas. If misalignment is detected then specific but gentle adjustments can be used to re-position it. If your case of scoliosis appears to have an upper cervical contribution Atlas then this type of treatment can be provided in our office as part of your particular comprehensive scoliosis treatment protocol.

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